Revitalize The Carpets In Your Rental Properties Instead Of Replacing Them

Within a few months a tenant can do a number on what were once plush, wall-to-wall carpets. This is even more true if you were forced to reclaim your property via landlord tenant court. The carpet in your rental property may be soiled and appear to be unsalvageable, but professional carpet cleaning services are well equipped to refresh even the most poorly maintained carpets. It would be worth the time and effort to have the carpeting in your rental properties professionally cleaned before having them ripped up and replaced.

Eradicating Pet Odors And Stains In Carpeting

Many rental property owners don't understand the difficulty involved in eliminating pet odors in carpets until they have rented a unit to a tenant with non house broken pets. Even if you scrub the rugs yourself and use plenty of deodorizing spray, the smell of pets can stay around in a rental unit indefinitely. Landlords can consult with carpet cleaning services on the best course of action when it comes to removing pet stains and odors so that you can compare the price of having your carpeting cleaned versus opting for carpet replacement.

Cleaning Carpets That Have Been Soiled With Filth

You might hope to receive your rental property back from past tenants in the same shape that it was rented to them in, but there are usually at least a few trouble spots left behind. In worst case scenarios, landlords find the carpets in their rental units completely soiled with dirt, stained up and matted. It might be hard for you to even know where to begin as really filthy carpets hold multiple layers of grime. You might think that putting down fresh carpeting is the best solution but most times even the dirtiest carpets can be saved.

Carpet cleaning services, like All State Carpet & Tile Care, work with residential homeowners, businesses and landlords. These companies are skilled in getting dirt out of carpets so that they look refreshed and they also understand that sanitation is important. After a good steam cleaning, the carpets in your rental properties are going to look like new again.

If you want to be able to present your newest tenants with a tenant that has freshly cleaned and stain free carpets, start building connections with the best carpet cleaning services in your town. You really shouldn't have to go through the carpet replacement process every time you have a tenant move out, so work to get all existing carpeting in your rental properties professionally cleaned and protected against odors and stains.

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