Tips For Caring For Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic tiles are a common option for the floor in both homes and businesses. Yet, caring for ceramic tiling is a task that can be easy to overlook, but this can have profound impacts on your floors. Basic care for ceramic floor tiles will require you to adhere to three basic steps.

Regularly Clean The Tiles

Cleaning the ceramic tiles is one of the most important things that can be done to protect their appearance. Failing to adequately clean ceramic tiling can lead to the floors becoming stained and discolored. Ideally, you should wash the tile flooring at least once every couple of weeks. If the floor is only slightly dirty, you may find that a wet mop is all that is needed to clean it.

Repair Scratched Tiles

Scratches are among the most common forms of damage that tiles will encounter. Often, these scratches will occur due to moving furniture, dropping items on the floor or even by some types of shoes. As soon as you notice that one of your ceramic tiles has a scratch, you should use a tile repair kit to seal the scratch. Failing to seal these scratches can make it easier for pigments to get under the surface of the tiles, which can lead to staining. Also, moisture may cause these scratches to grow into major cracks, but making repairs with a tile patch kit will greatly reduce this threat.

Avoid Acidic Cleaning Agents

When your tile floors are particularly dirty, you may find that it is necessary to thoroughly mop the floors with a cleaning agent. Unfortunately, individuals will often use harsh cleaning agents that are highly acidic or contain ammonia. If these substances are used on ceramic tiles, they can weaken the surface of the tile by causing very small holes to form in it. Over time, this problem will gradually weaken the tile until it eventually cracks. Preventing your tile floors from suffering this type of damage will require you to only use cleaning agents that are marked as being safe for ceramic tiles, which can be purchased from most flooring supply or general hardware stores.

Ceramic tiling can be an excellent flooring material due to the wide range of colors and textures that are available along with its durable and water resistant nature. Having an appreciation for the need to wash these floors every couple of weeks, repair scratches before they can substantially worsen and avoid using cleaning solutions that can damage the ceramic tile should help you to keep your tile floors in great condition.

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