3 Tips For Hiring An Office Cleaning Service

Hiring an office cleaning company isn't as simple as flipping through your local directory and picking the first one you come across. It's a task that takes some research to ensure that you choose the right company for your business. For example, you wouldn't want your expensive equipment damaged, or your important confidential lost, or destroyed. That's why it's important to know what to look for. If you've decided to hire a commercial cleaning company, here are three tips to get you started. 

Ask for References and Paperwork

When you find a cleaning service that you're interested in, don't be afraid to ask for references when contacting the company. A commercial cleaning company in good standing will have no problem providing you with several good references. Be wary of any cleaning service that gives you a hard time, or refuses to provide you with any references. By the same token, ask to see any licensure, as well as insurance, as it is requires by most states. Avoid any commercial cleaning services that don't have the appropriate insurance, or paperwork. Hiring a professionally-managed cleaning service with good references and the right paperwork will ensure that your company is in good hands.

Understand the Services Offered

In order to choose the right cleaning company for your office needs, it's important that you understand the services that the company offers, as well as any specialties. For example, if part of your office is under construction, you may want to find a commercial cleaning service that offers both janitorial cleaning, as well as office construction cleaning. Or, if your business deals with food service, it's a good idea to hire a cleaning service that is well versed in food safety. Or, you may want to hire a cleaning company that offers an abundance of services so that you're covered. 

Read the Terms and Conditions

Many commercial cleaning services require you to sign a contract with them and it's crucial that you read and understand all of the terms of conditions. It's common for business owners to sign office cleaning contracts without reading the terms of conditions in their entirety, only to find that they are locked into the contract for a certain period of time, or other terms that they were unaware of. It's crucial for you to know the terms that you are agreeing to and how long your commitment is for. If you come across any terms, or conditions that you don't understand, ask the agent to explain them to you. 

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