How To Quickly Clean Your Upholstery This Summer

Part of having a clean house includes having clean furniture. Here are a few tips that will help you quickly clean your upholstery this summer so that everything looks and feels as great as the warm weather and sunshine outside.

#1 Gather Your Supplies

You are going to need to have a few supplies on hand if you want the upholstery cleaning jobs to go quickly. First, you are going to need a vacuum, preferable one that has smaller attachments you can use to clean your upholstery with. Next, you are going to want to grab a can of compressed air. You also need an upholstery brush, preferable made out of horsehair, some gentle dish soap that is clear in color and a cleaning bucket. If you know you have visible stains you are going to want to purchase a carpet and rug cleaner as well.

#2 Start With The Vacuum

You are going to want to start with your vacuum and put on the upholstery attachment if you have one. Starting at the top of the piece and working towards the bottom of the piece, work left to right using strokes that overlap one another to ensure that you vacuum the entire piece of furniture. Going right to left will help release the dirt that is stuck to your fabric, especially with nappy materials like velvet or suede.

Then, put on the crevice nozzle and use that to clean around the seams and cushions on your upholstery. If you are cleaning delicate fabrics, such as silk,  you may want to set the suction on your vacuum to low if it has that option.

#3 Move On To Spot Removal

The second thing that you are going to do is spend a few minutes on spot removal. If you find a spot, puta little carpet cleaner on the spot and rub the carpet cleaning power into your upholstery with a clean cloth. Then, vacuum the area to remove the spot and the cleaning solution.

If you are cleaning a slick surface such as leather or vinyl, you can use a spray-on stain remover. Just be sure to wipe the area down well when you are done.

#4 Finish With Deep Cleaning

Now it is time to do some deep cleaning. Put just a tiny drop of clear dish soap into your cleaning bucket and then fill the bucket up with warm water. Put your horsehair upholstery brush in the suds but don't drench it with water. Use a light touch to clean and create suds on your upholstery, then wipe away the suds with a clean cloth. Let your furniture dry overnight before you sit on it and make sure that it is dry before you do so.

This should only take about fifteen minutes or so for each piece of furniture. Do one piece of furniture and day, and within a week or two all of the furniture in your house will be clean. Or you can go on a marathon cleaning session and clean all of your furniture over the course of a few hours. 

For more help, talk with a company like Atlantic Carpet Care.

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