How Your Janitorial Service Should Take Care Of Your Waxed Floors

If you have waxed floors in your building, you are going to want to consult with your janitorial staff to make sure that they are taking proper care of your waxed floors. Here are the steps they should follow to take good care of them.

#1 Use The Right Floor Cleaner

When you have waxed floors, special floor cleaner needs to be used. The floor cleaner should be non-abrasive. It should also be chemically neutral. This will help ensure that your cleaner doesn't wear down your flooring at a faster rate than is necessary. Non-abrasive and chemically neutral cleaners will still keep your floors clean, they are tough on dirt but gentle to your floor's wax coating.

#2 Use Quality Cleaning Equipment

Make sure that your janitorial staff uses quality cleaning products. You should have a microfiber mop and swifter-style broom for your janitorial staff to use. Microfiber cleaning materials are gently on your floor and will not scratch the newly waxed surface. They will also ensure that the surface doesn't get marred or scuffed by the cleaning tools. You should also have a vacuum that is designed for hard surfaces that your cleaning staff can use as well.

#3 Daily Cleaning

Make sure that you set up a daily cleaning routine for your janitorial staff to follow. All high-traffic areas should be both swept or vacuumed as well as mopped each day. For areas that are lower traffic, they may only need to be swept every day and mopped every few days. Work with your janitorial staff to figure out how often the different waxed floors in your building need to be cleaned to ensure that they stay clean and shiny for as long as possible.

#4 Preventative Maintenance

Finally, make sure that your janitorial staff takes preventative maintenance. That means that for high traffic areas, they apply a thin coat of wax to the floors when they see that the wax is getting worn down. When this is done on a regular basis, it can help the major wax job stay in place. This should be done based on the way that your floors wear down; for high traffic areas, this may need to take place on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, for low traffic areas, this may only need to happen every few months.

Be sure to work with janitorial staff, like that found at Windsor Maid Services, to provide equipment and develop a schedule that keeps your newly waxed floors looking clean and shiny for as long as possible. 

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