3 Vital Reasons Why Even Small Offices Need An Office Janitor

Are you expanding a home office and opening a "real" office in a commercial building? Have you considered who will be doing the cleaning once you move to the new office? For many people, who will do the cleaning is likely a secondary consideration. If any thought is given to it at all, the idea might be for the employees to take turns taking out the trash and cleaning up or, perhaps, you might be toying with the idea of hiring a full-time cleaning person. While both of these choices have advantages, they may not be your best choice. Instead, you should consider hiring a janitorial service. The reasons for doing so are many, some of which include:

Save money: If you hire someone whose only job is to clean, he or she may not have much to do most of the time. You'll still have to pay him or her for all of his or her scheduled hours, even if all they do is empty one trash bin. On the other hand, you could find a company that will send out an office janitor on an as-needed basis. You will then only need to pay for the actual hours worked and services rendered. Over the course of a year, this could potentially save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in wages.

Happier staff: Office workers are usually skilled employees who never signed up to be an office janitor. They may be fine with emptying their own wastebasket every so often or replacing rolls of bathroom tissue as needed, but they may get disgruntled at being asked to do more than that. If asked to clean the office on a regular basis, your employees could start looking for other jobs. When you hire a janitorial service, your employees won't have to worry about dealing with messes and will be happier as a result.

Increase productivity: If you don't have a dedicated office janitor, whether from an outside company or one that you've hired on a permanent basis, there can be a significant loss of productivity as your employees argue over whose turn it is to take out the trash, clean up the breakroom, and so on. Instead of your employees just taking a few minutes a day to deal with these issues, this bickering could result in you paying for hours of non-work every week. Since dedicated janitors are brought in to clean, and only to clean, you won't have this issue to deal with if you hire a janitor service for your office.

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