Things You Do In Your Shower Every Day That Cause Stained Grout

Tiled walls make the ideal surrounding material for your shower. With a resistance to moisture, impeccable style, and design versatility to fit about any space, tile has no shortages of advantages. However, the grout that is between each positioned tile in your bathroom can be another story. Even with proper sealing, grout in the shower can get stained with ugly discoloration that all but ruins the overall look of the surrounding tile walls. What most homeowners don't know is they cause a lot of the stains on their own. Here is a look at some of the things you may do every day that cause stains on your tiled shower walls.

You use shampoos, soaps, and shower products that have deep color hues. 

That lovely shower gel you adore because of its rich purple lather, the shampoo you use between hair-coloring jobs to keep your dye job vibrant, and even the bubble bath that tints the water pink are examples of products that can stain your shower grout. If you have light-colored grout around your shower or bath, it is best to steer clear of these products as much as possible. If you do have to use them, take care not to get the products on your walls and wash away any residue immediately. 

You use the wrong products for cleaning your shower. 

There are good reasons why there are recommended products you should use for cleaning tile. Even some cleaning products can leave ugly stains on your grout. For example, if you have a darker grout that is grey or tan in color, cleaning agents like bleach can cause unsightly white splotches and streaks in your grout. If you have stark white grout, products that have color additives can also stain your grout instead of cleaning it. Make sure you are using only the recommended products to clean your tile and grout to avoid any long-term stains. 

You allow soap scum to accumulate too long before you clean your grout. 

If you have tile surrounding your shower, it is best to be vigilant about cleaning it every time you get out of the shower, even if it is just a quick wipe down. Soap scum forms a layer of goop over the grout that can trap moisture particles. These trapped moisture particles encourage the development of mold and mildew in and on the grout. These ugly dark black and grey spots are almost impossible to remove. 

For help with cleaning dirty grout, contact a tile and grout cleaning company.

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