Floor Cleaning Recommendations To Help Keep Your Hardwood Floors Cleaned And Looking Beautiful

Keeping your hardwood floors clean, protected, and free of stains is an important part of maintaining their look and condition. Your life is busy and it can be difficult to keep up on your floors to remove debris and spots that can collect over time. Here are some recommendations to help you keep them clean and looking nice for many years before they need to be refinished.

Spot Cleaning

Keeping your hardwood floors clean should consist of a clean-as-you-go system to tackle any spills and spots as they occur instead of allowing them to build up. Leaving dirt and spots to clean up later can make the task seem larger and more daunting and can give spots and stains on your hardwood floor time to soak into the wood. The most important rule of maintaining your hardwood floors is to soak up any water or liquid spills from its surface as soon as they happen. If you find one that has sat for a period of time, wipe it up immediately and work on treating any wood discoloration. This includes cleaning up any spilled food, tracked-in mud, or other materials on your floor with a damp cloth as soon as possible.

To remove a stain on your hardwood floors, you can try treating the stain with hydrogen peroxide. Soak a washcloth in some hydrogen peroxide and let it sit on the stain until the hydrogen peroxide soaks into the wood and lightens the stain. After the stain has lightened, remove the rag and wipe up any surface staining. You can also try using a wood floor rejuvenating cleaner to remove stains without sanding off the finish, which you can find at most home improvement stores.

Full Cleaning

Your wood flooring can become scratched and appear dull over time if you allow dirt and other particles to remain on your floor. As you walk across the surface of your wood floor that is covered in debris, the particles cause tiny scratches to appear on the wood finish. Over time, this will dull the finish of your floors and require you to refinish them to restore the original shine. Use a broom or a dust mop to remove dry debris from your floors daily, especially in high-traffic areas.

Then, once a week use a vacuum to clean the full floor surface to include cracks between the wood planks and beneath the baseboards where dust and dirt can collect. Be sure to use a vacuum head attachment that does not have a rolling brush. The roller brush can cause scratching to your hardwood floor's finish and will cause it to appear dull.

Living a busy life does not mean you need to worry about neglecting your floors and leaving them vulnerable to unnecessary wear and damage. When you are short on time due to a busy schedule, you can also hire a professional cleaning service to help you clean your home and your floors. To learn more, contact a company like Leo's Holland Floor Maintenance

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