Greet Your Customers With Commercial Carpet That Is Clean And Fresh

It's important to keep the carpets clean in your store or your customers may think your business is careless and sloppy. It can be challenging to keep carpet clean when it gets a lot of foot traffic throughout the day, especially when dirt is tracked in from outdoors. To get rid of debris, dirt, and stains, the carpets should be vacuumed daily and deep cleaned regularly. Hiring a commercial carpet cleaning service may be the best way to go about keeping your carpets clean, especially if you have a large store. Here are tips for maintaining your commercial carpet. 

Keep Supplies On Hand For Staff

Even if you hire a commercial cleaner to come in nightly to vacuum and clean your store, you still want supplies available for staff to use during the day. That way spills from drinks or mud tracks can be cleaned up right away before they form stains. In addition to keeping towels and cleaning solutions in a storeroom, you'll want to keep a vacuum cleaner in the building to pick up debris that may be left behind by paper bits or solid food. Buy a vacuum cleaner that's easy for your staff to use and that works well on the type of carpet in your store. A manual sweeper or handheld vacuum might be sufficient since your staff should only have minor debris to clean up during the day.

Vacuum The Floors Nightly

When your carpet is in the public eye, you want it to look clean at all times. Vacuuming every day can help accomplish this. Plus, by vacuuming grit and dirt from the fibers, the carpet will last longer and resist showing signs of wear. If you have a small store, you may want to designate daily vacuuming as a routine chore for your closing staff. Buy a powerful vacuum that can reach under desks, clothing racks, or any other low items you have in the building so the work is quick and easy for your employees.

If your building is large, it may be more cost effective to hire a commercial service to come in after business hours each day and vacuum the carpet and take care of spot cleaning at the same time. The advantage to this is the service has access to professional equipment and they have the knowledge to use it properly so you can expect the best results.

Clean The Carpets On Schedule

Arrange to have the carpets deep cleaned on a regular schedule. Let your commercial carpet cleaner help you figure out how often your carpets need to be cleaned based on the amount of foot traffic your store gets and whether the entry door opens directly to the outside. The best schedule might include cleaning the areas near doors and parts of the building that get the most use on a more frequent basis than areas deeper in the building that get less wear. Your cleaner will have different options for cleaning the carpet and will find one suitable for the time frame in which they have to work. For instance, dry foam cleaning is a good method for commercial carpets because it dries fast and is ready for customers to walk on it much quicker.

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