Tips For Cleaning A Fresh Wine Spill On Your Wool Carpet

While enjoying a glass of red wine, you may have accidentally spilled the liquid on your wool carpet. If so, you need to do something about it before the liquid dries and a stain sets in. Use the following tips to clean up the spill using products you products you probably already have at home.

Soak Up Excess Liquid with a White Cotton Towel

As soon as possible after you spill the wine, place a towel on top of the area. Apply firm pressure to soak up the excess liquid without rubbing, as this will push the wine further into the fibers. The sooner you get the liquid out of the wool fibers, the less likely it will spread out and into the surrounding area.

Make sure you use a white cotton towel to soak up the wine. If you use a towel with any coloring, the dye may bleed out onto your carpet and make the problem worse. Also, use cotton because it is the most absorbent. If necessary, use a second towel to make sure you soak up as much of the wine as possible.

Dab the Spill with a Vinegar

Once you have soaked up the excess liquid, use a clean, dry cotton towel to dab the area with a mixture of vinegar and dish detergent. The vinegar helps break up the wine, while the soap creates a slight film around the fibers to keep the liquid from soaking in further.

In a small bowl, mix together a quarter of a cup of vinegar with an eighth of a teaspoon of dish soap. Dab the area with the solution, then let it remain for about a half an hour to give it time to work.

Dab the Area with a Damp Cloth

After you have let your homemade solution work on the spill, use a damp cotton cloth to pull the cleaner and the rest of the wine out of the fibers. Make sure you do not use a cloth that is excessively wet, as this may ruin the wool fibers.

Once you have rinsed the area, pat the area as dry as possible. Then, let it air dry.

Using the above tips to clean up a fresh wine spill on your wool carpet can help keep it from staining. However, if you are unable to clean the area thoroughly enough to avoid staining, make an appointment with upholstery cleaning services in your area to have them professionally clean the carpet for you.

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