Water Damage Restoration: Should You Do It Yourself?

In any situation where there is a need for water damage restoration, there are a lot of very careful considerations to be made before ever attempting to repair the damage.

What Caused The Damage?

Finding the source of the problem will point you in the direction you need to go to repair the damage. There is no sense to starting before you know where the damage came from, as it could damage the repairs as soon as they are complete.


Light spillages in the home are relatively simple to correct and repair. Your first port of call should be to soak away the excess water, wait for the area to fully dry and then go ahead and repair either the floor or wall where the light spill has occurred.

Leaking Roof

A roofer should be called to help with a leak. Repairs to a roof require scaffolding, which can be dangerous. There may be further damage than just a loose or broken tile. If spotted early, the interior may just need to dry out and be touched up with paint.

Burst Pipes

There can be pipework in both the floors and ceilings of homes and they can be carrying clean water or wastewater. In the event of wastewater, it is safer to call a plumber to assist with fixing the damage.

Slow leaking pipes can cause wood to rot and plaster to sustain damage and come away from the walls. There's the added danger of pipe leaks near any electric cabling and switches. An electrician should be called if there's a leak near electrics to ensure that the house is safe.

Flood Damage

This type of damage should never be repaired by anyone other than a flood repair company. There are a lot of health risks associated with flood waters, including many water-borne viruses and diseases from rats.

Insurance Coverage

In any instance where your home insurance covers the costs of water damage, it's always best to lean on the professionals and have the work done properly.

Know Your Own Limitations

Unless it's very light damage, in most instances, it is advisable to have an expert do a survey and carry out the water damage restoration. If you don't think you're able to repair the damage properly, call a professional to help and get a quote for the work. You will be glad you protected the structure and health of your home. 

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