How To Give Your Concrete Drive A Facelift

Is your concrete driveway looking the worse for wear? If the driveway is in good condition, with few to no cracks or pitting, then you can give it a quick makeover for minimal cost and effort. The following tips can help you remove stains and give your drive a facelift.

Oil and grease stains

Oil and grease stains, particularly heavy or old stains, require pre-treating for complete or near-complete removal. Begin by using an absorbent material, such as cat litter, to soak up any excess grease that is sitting on top of the concrete. Follow this up with a thorough cleaning with an oil remover. You can find these at hardware and automotive stores. These cleaners are often caustic, so make sure to follow all label directions and safety precautions. Wear gloves and eye protection. These cleaners may not completely remove the stain, but they should fade it significantly.

Surface cleaning

Once the grease is removed, you can perform a full surface cleaning. The easiest and quickest way to do this is by pressure washing. A pressure washing service, such as Clean America, uses water with a landscaping-safe detergent to blast off moss, algae, grime, and light grease stains. Your concrete will come out several shades lighter than it was previously, and the color should be fairly consistent with the exception of any deep, stubborn stains. You can perform the pressure washing yourself, but consistency can be hard to attain with small, home machines. Avoid going over about 1500 PSI if you opt to pressure wash on your own, as any more pressure can increase the chances of damage.

Sealing and tinting

The last step after cleaning is to seal the concrete. This helps prevent future stains and damage. Concrete sealer is simply painted on where it then absorbs into the pores of the paving. A driveway in great condition only needs a clear sealer. If you still have light stains after removal and pressure washing, then a tinted sealer may be the better choice. These sealers have color added, which can be used to camouflage any light stains that remain. For example, choosing a sealer with a gray tint a few shades darker than your drive's concrete will cover any mottling so the color over the entire drive is consistent. You can even have fun and opt for a more colorful tint, such as yellow, blue, or green.

For more help, contact a pavement cleaning or pressure washing service in your area.

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