Safety Tips For Your Home Dumpster Rental

A dumpster can make any extensive home project easier, whether you are re-doing the basement or simply cleaning out the garage. While renting a dumpster is a simple process, safety can be a real concern. You may be concerned not just about the safety of yourself and your family but also of curious neighboring children and animals. The following are a few safety tips that can take away any worries you may have.

Choose a roll-off model

A roll-off dumpster is typically smaller and easier to move, which means you can place it nearly anywhere on your property where there is sufficient access for a forklift to reach it. This means you can place it well off the street, perhaps on a driveway or even inside of a fenced yard. This cuts down on who has access to the dumpster, particularly since people are less likely to walk onto private property to satisfy their curiosity about the contents of the dumpster. A smaller dumpster also makes it easier to monitor what is placed inside, so it is less likely that someone will drop something hazardous into the dumpster unbeknownst to you.

Lock the lid

Although placement matters, a lock is even more important. Make sure that the dumpster you rent has a tight-fitting lid that can be locked. You will typically have to supply your own padlock to secure the dumpster, but don't be tempted to skip this step. Children and even some animals, like raccoons, can find ways to lift heavy dumpster lids. This can lead to a person or animal becoming trapped inside, which can be deadly. When you aren't using the dumpster, keep the lid locked. Even when you are using it, make sure to lower the lid between trips out to the dumpster to cut down on the chances of someone falling inside.

Protect the site

The site where you keep the dumpster should also be safe. Don't place dumpsters in areas where they can block visibility, such as on the corner of an intersection. Also, keep dumpsters away from flammable areas. This includes areas near barbecue grills or smokers congregate. The contents, as well as the gases of decomposing materials from a dumpster, can be highly flammable. Keep the area around the dumpster clean. If you use the dumpster to dispose of "wet" garbage, like food or yard waste, rinse it out after it's emptied to gut down on odors that could attract animals.

For more help, contact a roll off dumpster service, such as United Material Management, Inc.,  in your area.

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