How A Landscape Maintenance Service Can Help You Maintain An Attractive Lawn

If you don't like working in the yard, you may have a tendency to put it off until your grass is straggly and your property looks messy. A well-kept yard makes an impact on the curb appeal of your property. Just like you keep up with the regular cleaning of your house, you should maintain your yard regularly too. You can hire a landscape maintenance service to do it for you if you don't like working outdoors. Here are some services you may need.

Lawn Mowing

When you hire a service to mow your lawn on schedule, your grass is always the perfect height. It never has time to get too long. This keeps your yard looking nice and it also helps your grass stay healthy while crowding out weeds.

As an added benefit, a landscape maintenance service brings their own equipment, so you won't have to deal with mower maintenance, sharpening blades, or storing gas in your shed.

Tree Trimming

It's important to keep up with tree trimming or branches can grow wild and cause problems on your property, such as when they grow toward your roof. Plus, when branches get too high or too thick, they are harder and more expensive to cut back.

Start trimming your trees when they're small so they won't turn into problems when the trees grow bigger. While your trees are still fairly young and the lower limbs are still low, you may need branches trimmed every season so they don't hang too low over your house or driveway.

Fertilizing And Weed Control

Keeping your yard manicured is important for the sake of appearance and health of your grass, but your grass also needs to be fertilized and treated for weeds on the right schedule. You can have this done by a landscape maintenance service so the right treatments are done at the right time to help your grass stay lush and to keep ugly weeds away.

Leaf Removal

If you have a lot of trees on your property, your lawn may be carpeted in leaves during the fall. A landscape maintenance professional might mow over the leaves with a mulching mower or bagger to eliminate them and save you from the trouble of raking the leaves by hand. Mulching the leaves could make your lawn healthier without the leaves showing and being an eyesore.

Plant Maintenance

A maintenance service may even watch over the plants in your yard and around your foundation to ensure they have the fertilizer and mulch they need to stay strong and healthy through the growing season. They might remove dead plants and put in new ones as the seasons change or maintain shrubs and other permanent plants.

If you love to look at plants but you hate to maintain them, then hiring a landscape maintenance service is the best way to have a beautiful yard without having to put in much effort yourself.

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