Dealing With Water Infiltration Inside Your Industrial Facility

Floodwater inside your industrial facility can cause a lot of damage if it is not removed quickly. The amount of water coming in can be overwhelming in a flood situation, so working with an industrial flood damage restoration service to get the water out and the facility dry is critical.

Emergency Flood Cleanup

If you have water from a flood inside your building, getting the water out as fast as possible is essential. An industrial flood damage restoration service can respond to your facility quickly and start removing the water with pumps and vacuum systems to try to minimize the damage to the building and things in it. 

Submersible pumps work well because they can be placed in the water to pump the water out of the building. In cases where the amount of water is too much for a pump inside the building, a truck-mounted system can be used, and suction hoses carried into the building can be positioned so they can pump out thousands of gallons of water very quickly. 

Drying Out The Building

Once the water is out of the building, the industrial flood damage restoration service will use large vacuums to extract as much water as possible from carpeting and off floors to help speed the drying process. Industrial fans are often used in the space to move air and help dry the surfaces as well. 

The faster the building is dried out, the less chance there is of mold and mildew forming, so the restoration service will use many tools to get the moisture out of the structure as quickly as possible. Vacuum trucks that can pull large amounts of water out of carpeting and other porous surfaces are sometimes the best tool for the job and can effectively remove water and silt or dirt out of carpets if you have any. 

Specialty Services

Some industrial flood damage restoration services offer some extra services like thermal imaging to look for water in otherwise hidden spots. A thermal camera can see the water behind walls and inside closed spaces, so if you still have water coming in, sometimes a trained operator with a thermal camera can find where the water is getting in the building. 

In some cases, the water the thermal camera operator is looking for is hidden pockets that remain, which you can't easily see. If it goes undetected after the cleanup, the water will continue to cause damage and can promote rot, mold, and mildew in the space it is sitting in. If the cleanup service can locate these spots, they can drain them quickly to ensure the entire building is dry so that you can make any structural repairs to return the facility to full operation.

For more information, reach out to a company like All Things Restored LLC.  

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