3 Reasons To Seal Your Home's Pavers

If your driveway or patio is made from pavers, then you should consider sealing the stones. What are the advantages of doing this?

1. Restore The Natural Beauty Of Your Pavers

If your pavers have been in place for a while, then they might look a bit tired and faded now. They might have lost their initial luster and good looks.

If you want to rejuvenate your pavers, then sealing will help. Here, the sealant acts as a varnish. It restores luster and adds shine to the surface. If you use a colored or tined sealant, then you can even change the color or tone of the pavers.

While you might simply want to make your outdoor areas look good again, sealing your pavers is a really good idea if you want to sell your home. This is a cost-effective way to make your outdoor areas shine.

2. Reduce The Risks Of Damage 

Over time, pavers can get damaged. For example, UV rays can fade the stones and start to break down their surface. Temperature changes can make the stones expand and contract which can cause them to crack and chip.

Water is also a danger here. Rainwater can get into cracks. Plus, natural stone pavers are porous. They will absorb water rather than let it run off. If excess water gets into your driveway or patio, then you could end up with drainage problems. Some of your pavers might move up out of place or sink down.

If you seal your pavers, then you give their surface an extra protective layer. The sealant creates a barrier against the sun; it also stops water from getting into cracks and from soaking into stones.

So, your pavers will last for longer. They are less likely to get damaged and to need repairs.

3. Keep Your Pavers Cleaner

Unsealed pavers can pick up stains and marks. You won't necessarily find it easy to clean up all stains, especially if the surface of your pavers isn't in the best shape. For example, oil stains on a paver driveway might soak into the stone. Once the oil is in there, the stain is permanent.

If you seal your pavers, then they become easier to clean. You get a smooth protective surface. Stains will sit on the seal rather than soak into the surface, so they are easier to remove.

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