Keeping Up With Your HVAC And The Air Quality

Your HVAC system is designed so that the air inside your home will be pulled into the system through a filter. It's going to be important to make sure the filter is kept clean. The filter also needs to be the right size for the vent. When clean and appropriately sized, the air quality in your home can be significantly improved. However, there are other things you want to stay on top of to help maintain that improved air quality besides the condition of the filter. You can learn more about some other steps that are important to the proper functioning of the HVAC system and the condition of the air quality here: 

Keep the registers clean

There will be registers in most of the rooms in your home. The location of the registers can vary from one home to another. In some cases, they are located in the floors, or they are installed in the lower walls. However, in most cases, the registers will be near the ceiling. No matter where they are, they are going to gather dust regularly. Some will gather more dust than others, depending on their locations, as well as the region the home itself is loathed in.

 A home that's located on a dirt lot in the desert is going to have more issues with dust than a home with a grassy landscape in the city. Make a point to wipe down the registers regularly. An easy way to clean them is with a feather duster because it will wipe off all the slats at the same time. 

Keep the ducts clean 

You may not think that the ducts will get very dusty because the air that gets pulled in the system has gone through the filter. However, ducts will eventually end up with a good amount of dust in them. For one thing, the HVAC system isn't going to be running constantly, so there can be a good amount of dust settling in the ducts even when the system is off. 

Also, while you would like your ducts to be as sealed as possible, there will always be ways for the air to get in while bypassing the filter. Air can come right in through the registers. Also, there can be leaks in the ducts that also allow air and dust in. 

You also have other things to be concerned about other than just dust. Pests can get in the ducts, and they can leave urine and droppings behind. These things can lead to unhealthier air quality along with dust. 

No matter what has been collected in the ducts, you want to make sure it is removed. This is done by having the ducts cleaned. This is important because anything in the ducts will bypass the filter and that means when the air is blown into the rooms, whatever is in the ducts will be blown out the registers with the air.

For more information on duct cleaning, contact a professional near you.

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