Cleaning Your Home? Don't Forget Your Shades

A proper deep clean of your home is necessary now and again, and is often focused on the carpeting and walls. If you have shades, however, they need to be cleaned too when you do a deep cleaning of your home.

Shades are intended to be beautiful decor for your windows and also keep the sun's rays out while providing privacy for your home. Beautiful shades with thick and durable materials keep their beauty and allure longer when they are periodically steam and deep cleaned by a cleaning service company. Your cleaning services company will let you know how often you should have your shades cleaned depending on several factors, including whether there are smokers in the home or pets and children are also present, among others.

Here are reasons you shouldn't forget your shades when you have your home cleaning done.

Your shades likely aren't cleaned enough between professional cleanings

Can you recall the last time you cleaned your Hunter Douglas Silhouette shades or other brand of shades at home yourself? This includes wiping down your shades with a dust rag or vacuuming your shades with a vacuum hose. Your shades should be getting cleaned or wiped down nearly as often as you vacuum the rest of your home, and if you aren't doing this they can be harboring layers of dust, pollen, hair, dander, and even household odors.

Have a professional cleaning company, preferably one who specializes in the type of shades you have either by selling them or cleaning them — or both — clean your shades periodically as they recommend.

Your shades may be contributing to allergies or bad scents in the home

Do you have allergies or have family members who have them? Do you have a lingering smell in the home and you can't place it? Your shades may be to blame and you can have them cleaned to resolve many of your home problems. Every time you access your shades to let light in, you may be inadvertently letting lots of dander and allergens go into the air, which can affect sensitive respiratory systems.

Shades will absorb home odors just like your carpeting and your furniture will. Since your carpets and furnishings likely get cleaned more often, you probably don't notice the lingering musty scent your shades have until after they have even been cleaned. Your cleaning specialist will address your shades to give your home the beautiful allure you desire. Contat a cleaning service to help clean your shades, including Hunter Douglas silhouette shades.

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