Three Steps To Restoring Your Home If You Have A Water-Damaged Wall-To-Wall Carpet

Water damage from floods, burst pipes, or sewage backflow can hit your home at any time. When this happens, wall-to-wall carpets are always the first casualties. Unfortunately, if you have a water-damaged carpet, you should act fast to protect your home from costly damage and extensive repairs. With this in mind, here are three steps you should take to restore your carpet and other valuables from water damage.

Check if the Carpet Can be Rescued

Not all water-damaged carpets can be rescued. If a carpet is left in water for a long period of time, the underlay may suffer irreversible damage. Also, older wall-to-wall carpets are likely to be unsalvageable after a flood. You should never rescue carpets that have been exposed to gray or black water from a sewage backflow. Even with proper cleaning, the carpets may pose a health hazard in your home.

Timing is crucial when dealing with floods from heavy rainfall or burst pipes. Use a wet vacuum cleaner to remove as much water from the carpet as possible to protect the fibers and backing from severe damage. Hang the carpet outside to dry as you wait for water damage professionals. Alternatively, open the windows to remove excess moisture from the air and prevent mold growth on your carpet.

Dry All Water-Damaged Furnishings and Furniture

After removing water from your carpets, check the furniture and furnishings in the room for moisture damage. Curtains, rugs, and wooden furniture are major casualties of floods. Wet curtains and rugs can develop mold, while wooden furniture can swell and rot after absorbing moisture. Therefore, dry the furnishings and furniture immediately to halt the damage. Wash and dry the furnishings as soon as possible to prevent mold growth. Run your ceiling fans and dehumidifiers to help air-dry wet wooden furniture.

Inspect Your Home for Mold Growth

Mold typically grows quickly in a warm, humid space. Therefore, if you wait more than a day to dry your carpets, furnishings, and furniture, you must inspect your home for mold. Mold spores can grow on most wet surfaces, including carpets, furniture, walls, and flooring. If left untreated, the fungus will spread throughout the room and lower the quality of indoor air. Mold can also leave unsightly stains on surfaces and furnishings. If you have mold, hire a mold removal company for remediation to prevent it from recurring.

Take the above measures to restore your water-damaged carpet, furniture, and fixtures. You must act fast if you want to salvage your carpet and protect your home from a mold infestation. Therefore, contact a cleaning company immediately for flood cleaning and restoration services.

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