3 Benefits Of Gifting A Dorm Cleaning Service To A New College Student

If you have a family member or friend that just finished high school and is starting college soon, you may be looking for some creative graduation gift ideas. One unique idea you may want to consider is giving a couple months or even a semester of dorm cleaning services. Here are three reasons why dorm cleaning services can be an amazing gift.

They Can Reduce a Student's Overall Stress Levels

Because of COVID-19, many students may feel like they were left behind and are not playing catch-up in terms of academics and socialization. Starting college can add to this stress, as students not only have to focus on their studies, but they may have new demands, such as managing finances, shopping/cooking, living with new people in a dorm, etc. With many other new responsibilities, dorm cleaning may fall by the wayside. However, a messy dorm room can be detrimental to one's mental health. UCLA researchers found a correlation between household clutter and stress hormones like cortisol. Stress hormones are linked to increased anxiety and depression. In short, a student's overall mental health may improve if a professional cleaning service can help them keep their living space in order.

They Prevent Built-up Resentment Between Roommates

Everyone has different cleaning methods and ideas of what is clean. National Student Services says that cleaning habits are one of the top items for contention between roommates. You want your family member or friend to have a good experience as he or she adjusts to new roommates. A dorm cleaning service can be helpful in resolving any tension regarding cleaning since the roommates will have clear expectations about what they need to clean and what will be dealt with by a professional service.

They Help Students Recover Their Security Deposits

Cleaning disputes are the most common reason cited by landlords and agents who claim security deposits. Losing a security deposit is money down the drain when it could be used to pay for textbooks, groceries, and other essentials for the next semester. Dorm cleaning services are especially helpful in reducing fines because these professionals may have a better eye when it comes to deep cleaning. While dorm cleaning services may focus on everyday tasks, like washing dishes, they may also deep cleaning services, such as grout cleaning, carpet shampooing, etc. The cleaning service can also discuss items with the resident assistant (RA) to make sure that each item in the cleaning list is addressed. The dorm cleaning service can also notify students of any maintenance issues, like burnt-out lights, leaks, and/or stains, so they can address the problem before getting fined.

These are just a few reasons why these services can be valuable to students. Reach out to a dorm cleaning service in your area today for more details.

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