Do You Need To Have Your Crawlspace Encapsulated?

Is there a company in your area advertising crawlspace encapsulation services? If your crawlspace is not encapsulated, then you might be wondering whether you should take them up on the offer. The truth is that not every crawlspace needs to be encapsulated, but many do. Here are some signs that you and your home would benefit from crawlspace encapsulation.

Your home is often humid even when it is not humid outside.

It's pretty normal for a home to be humid when the outdoor weather is humid. But if your home gets humid and muggy even when the air outside is relatively dry, this points to a possible moisture issue in your crawlspace. Water may be seeping into your crawlspace and then wicking up into the air. The air flows through your home, bringing humidity with it. Encapsulating the crawlspace will keep it a whole lot dryer, which in turn will keep your home less humid.

You have a lot of bugs in your crawlspace.

When you go into your crawlspace, do you notice a lot of bugs? You might see some cockroaches, earwigs, silverfish, or even house centipedes. All of these bugs are attracted to moist areas, and their presence means your crawlspace is overly moist. Encapsulating the crawlspace will not only keep moisture out but will also keep the bugs out directly. All the little cracks and nooks that the bugs crawl through will be sealed.

There's a musty odor.

What does your crawlspace smell like? If you take a whiff and mostly notice the odor of must or mold, that means the area is too moist. Mold and mildew generally only grow in wet or moist spaces. You can remove the mold, but until you encapsulate the crawlspace and keep it dry, the mold will keep growing back. Getting rid of it more permanently, via encapsulation, is best for your health.

You feel a draft.

When you walk near your crawlspace, does it feel colder than throughout the rest of your home? This suggests a draft, which is probably reducing your home's energy efficiency. Encapsulating the crawlspace will prevent the cold air from blowing in, which should lower your energy bills.

If any of the following are true, contact a crawlspace encapsulation company. Have them take a look at your home and give you a quote. From there, it should be easier to decide whether you want to take advantage of this service.

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